Saving Money?

You’re probably thinking “Saving money? Isn’t that what all the insurance companies say?” Well, many of them do make claims to lower your insurance costs. And to be perfectly honest, on any given day, any given carrier, can beat any other carrier’s price. Insurance carriers are constantly adjusting their prices, for their chosen markets. So it’s not necessarily the insurance company saving you money; it’s more a matter of finding “when” they will save you money. That’s how you save. You have to pick the right carrier, for your driver profile, at the right time. And the best way to do this is by comparison shopping.

Now that’s doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? Just pick up the phone and call a few agents, and let them give you a quote. Or, you could visit each individual insurance companies’ websites and get some quotes online. This shopping around can save you money, but it’s time consuming.

Don’t be fooled! There are many companies on the internet offering to save you time by giving you multiple auto insurance quotes. But they are not insurance agents. They are marketing agencies. They cannot sell you a policy. They can’t offer you insurance advice or even answer your questions. They simply collect your personal information, and they sell it to other agents--- multiple agents. You in turn will receive a barrage of phone calls and emails from all of these different agents, who will then give quotes.

Auto Coverage HQ can help. ACHQ is a licensed agent who understands consumer frustration when it comes to “comparison shopping.” We aim to make comparison shopping stress-free. That’s why we have partnered with one of the best instant quote providers in the industry. Our partnership with Answer Financial lets you see quotes from top-rated companies—all at once, in real time. Get your quotes now.

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